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Coalition and Epistemic Logic: Intensional Approach to Groups (CELIA)

DFG-GACR Research Project CELIA

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Important Dates

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First Project Meeting

23rd/24th February 2023

The first project meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th February 2023, in Bayreuth.

Keynote Speakers

Sophia Knight

Roman Kuznets

Hans van Ditmarsch


Thursday, Feb. 23rd:

9:00-10:00       Keynote 1: Hans van Ditmarsch (University of Toulouse, CNRS, IRIT).                                                              Title: Everyone Knows that Everyone Knows

10:20-11:50     Session 1 (Short talks ~15mins) :

        1. Marta Bilkova:           Bi-Godel (paraconsistent) modal logics.
        2. Alessandra Marra:    Sound and Feasible Reasoning: A bounded rationality approach to the normativity of logic.
        3. Igor Sedlar:               Structured Intensional Groups.
        4. Olivier Roy and Zoé Christoff:   Varieties of Perfect Recall.

11:50-15:00      Lunch and discussion/work time

15:00-16:00      Keynote 2: Sophia Knight (University of Minnesota Duluth).                                                                              Title: Does it matter what agents know about each other's strategies in imperfect information Strategy Logic?

17:30                Dinner at Liebesbier.

Friday, Feb. 24th

9:30-10:30        Keynote 3: Roman Kuznets (Vienna).                                                                                                                 Title: Messages Agents Send; Agents Who Send Messages

10:40-12:10      Session 2  (Short talks ~15mins):

        1. Dominik Klein:           Decision theoretic extensions of the four valued probabilities Belnap-Dunn logic.
        2. Ondrej Majer:            Reasoning about qualitative probabilities in two-layers modal logic.
        3. Paolo Galeazzi:        De Finetti and the Aggregation of Beliefs in Group.
        4. Sena Bozdag:           Hyperintensional belief revision based on information.

12:10-15:30       Lunch and discussion/work time

15:30-15:45       Workshop wrap up and project next steps

Venue: Room S8, top floor, GWII building

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